Annual Report 2019/20

Doppelmayr Holding SE

Insight and outlook

Interview with the managing directors of Doppelmayr Holding SE, Thomas Pichler and István Szalai.

As the managing directors of Doppelmayr Holding SE, you are responsible for the financial year 2019/2020 of the entire Group. What was the past year like for you?
Thomas Pichler: It was a very eventful year. Being made part of the upper echelon of the Group in a year that set records was a special honor and challenge. We are more than happy that we were able to achieve a very good result for the fiscal year 2019/2020. Although this year did not see the completion of a major project like the one in La Paz last year, Doppelmayr Holding SE has posted sales of 872 million euros. This is the second highest result in the Group‘s history and something all our employees can be proud of. Together with a dedicated team and customers who plan ahead, we were able to realize a large number of exciting projects all around the world and help shape new developments. This includes, for example, winter installations boosting engineering innovations, a new cabin generation, and highly promising project developments for urban ropeways.
The fiscal year of Doppelmayr Holding SE covers the period from April 1 until March 31. Which effect did COVID-19 have?
Thomas Pichler: The direct effects it had on the financial statement were only minor. We assume that we will have to expect lower sales for the upcoming fiscal year. The autumn and winter months will play an important part in this. The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for all of us, on both the professional and the private level. Due to the global spreading, we also find ourselves confronted with extensive social and economic effects. In the ropeway sector, which still makes up the largest sales share of the Group, roughly 80% of our projects are directly linked to tourism. This is the industry branch that was hit hardest, in particular by the travel regulations and restrictions that are in effect. The uncertainty the pandemic entailed also caused some of our projects to be postponed or cancelled. Nevertheless, we remain effective as a company in order to be at our customers‘ side as a reliable partner at any time.
István Szalai: We set the course for this over the last business year. We continuously invest in our own infrastructure, for example in manufacturing processes and machinery. As an international company with sales and service centers and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, this is immensely important. Digital channels and process solutions help us cooperate efficiently and closely our this international team and provide high standards around the world with transparent processes.
Which strategies does Doppelmayr Holding SE pursue to gear up for the future and the new business year?
István Szalai: The last months have shown us how important health is and that we all can do our part for a sustainable future. It is our goal, and it has been in the past, to be a valuable element of our economic and living environments and to generate joy and value for the people with our products in cooperation with our customers. People will want to travel again in the future and they will want to move freely in their leisure time and daily routine. For this they will need means and opportunities. And our customers and us will create those.


Because experience and courage have always birthed innovations.

The core business of Doppelmayr Holding SE is the ropeway business. The
construction of ropeways, in particular for winter sports, has a long tradition and goes back to the year 1937 when Emil Doppelmayr together with Sepp Bildstein built a surface lift in Zürs am Arlberg. The pioneers of that time have paved the way for the pioneers of today. Innovative thinkers, ropeway enthusiasts with passion are those who manage destinations, operate ropeways and facilitate the experience on the mountain for the people.

The skiing regions of the world are shaped by their guests‘ demands and those change over time. New trends, new possibilities, new technologies are what drives these demands. We, as a ropeway manufacturer, are called upon again and again to identify these developments and even be one step ahead. Together with our customers who share their experiences with us, we make this work.

In the fiscal year 2019/20, the customers in our domestic market, the Alpine region, have again shown their investment strength. A 47% share of our sales revenues was generated in this region. This market primarily thrives on winter tourism and last year has set new standards for its customers with new ropeways. Large feeder lifts and renovations increase the comfort, expand the offer for guests and spark excitement.
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Pioneering feats

Because mobility should be sustainable.

Pioneering feats
Imagine you take the ropeway every day. To get to work or during your leisure time with your family. Ropeways are part of your everyday life and indispensable as a means of public transport. This is our vision. A vision that more and more becomes a reality.

For decades, our ropeways have brought people onto the mountains. Technically matured and well-proven, they now conquer the world‘s cities. Rapidly growing urbanization requires new and environmental- friendly mobility concepts to manage traffic. Ropeways can master challenges on a whole new level, above the existing infrastructure. Passengers glide noiselessly above the city and leave congestion, traffic noise and the hustle and bustle behind. Ropeways are the ideal addition to an existing mobility system and can link important hubs to the traffic networks. Urban ropeways make mobility easier for people, shorten travel times, and guarantee punctual and reliable arrival; all that stress-free and while offering breathtaking views. Barrier-free and easily accessible, ropeways are a means of transport for everyone.

Forward-thinking innovations make a company successful. Innovations that offer the right answers to what moves people. One example for this is autonomous operation. In this sector, we are thinking ahead and working on a revolutionary concept that will offer intelligent and interconnected technology and maximum safety. In tourism regions and in particular in cities, the autonomous ropeway will create great benefits.
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Because we strive for comfort for everyone.

For the passengers, cabins are the most important part of a ropeway because they are primarily responsible for the ride experience. This is why, during the development of our ropeway cabins, we attach
importance to constantly elevating the experience factor to new levels to offer top comfort and the best views.

Our 3S cabin ATRIA attests to this once again. Those taking a seat in the ATRIA are first of all impressed by the generous panorama windows providing a 360° view. Even people with restricted mobility are treated to an enjoyable ropeway experience thanks to the cabin‘s barrier-free
design and comfortable access. Digitalization was also an important topic in the development of the ATRIA cabin. In line with SMART Ropeway, our digital strategy, the ATRIA is interlinked with the ropeway control system Doppelmayr Connect. Cabin functions such as lighting, air-conditioning, seat heating or the PA and intercom system can be controlled centrally by the attendant using the straightforward control system Doppelmayr Connect. Passengers can access the public Wi-Fi in the cabin and play their favorite songs.

As a tribute to its design excellence, the ATRIA has been awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. The ATRIA offers passengers impressive experiences when gliding through the skiing region towards the peak or above the city‘s roads.
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Production quality

Because precision and efficiency are the cornerstones of reliability.

Production quality
Our newest ropeway generation offers a variety of obvious benefits: A ride in a D-line is very comfortable and quiet, the installation is low-maintenance and customizable to a large extent. All this has its origin in the production. Only a whole unit made from clear-cut components and manufactured applying precise processes will come together to form an efficient and reliable ropeway.

This is why we continuously invest in our own infrastructure, operate and maintain a state-of-the-art machinery fleet, and step by step introduce interlinked digital production procedures in manufacturing. One example that kept us busy in the fiscal year 2019/2020 was another digital development step in the D-Line production line: a modern system that enables the employees to perform their process steps without fault, efficiently and rapidly. Assembly groups for the stations of detachable monocable gondolas of the D-Line generation are assembled and documented by our employees in no time with computer-assistance and high transparency of the work steps. We increasingly interlink departments and processes and make day-to-day work easier. This creates high added value in the performance process which yields benefits for both our employees and our customers. We manufacture custom-tailored, individual configurations with the highest efficiency.

The future will see further evolutionary steps in the production process. We plan today for tomorrow and implement our solutions gradually. Experience creates innovation that allows us to translate what we learned to other areas of application. Thus, we are flexible and open to new ideas on our way to the future.
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Because a good partner is there for you anytime and anywhere.

Each ropeway is one of a kind. Precisely adapted to the specific requirements and needs of our customers. Hence, every ropeway project is special as well, from the first customer meeting all the way to the start-up and beyond. It connects us throughout the entire service life of the installation. Impeccably functioning customer support is essential for such long-term partnerships. Available at any time. Worldwide.

Our Customer Support offers comprehensive know-how of the whole range of rope-propelled transport systems. Customers can rely on professional service and impeccable maintenance that guarantees the highest availability of their ropeway and satisfied passengers. As the world market leader in ropeway engineering, we are the experts when it comes to ropeways. In extensive customer training courses, we turn our customers into ropeway specialists as well. Because employees that have received the best possible training allow our ropeways to deliver their full potential. Furthermore, professional support of the installations also helps reduce the running costs of a ropeway.

We recently opened a new training center in Dornbirn, Austria, that serves as the central hub for all training operations – our Ropeway Training Center. For personal interaction and even closer proximity to our customers. Experienced engineers and technicians from a range of disciplines offer their specialist knowledge in ideally equipped seminar rooms.
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Because we can move anything you can think of.

The know-how that the companies of Doppelmayr Holding SE offer their customers is manifold. In addition to ropepropelled transport systems, the stacker crane sector with innovative solutions for intralogistics applications is an important pillar of the Group.

LTW Intralogistics GmbH links stacker cranes, conveyor systems and software for seamless, in-house material flow. It seems as though LTW‘s field of activities knows no limits. In the business year 2019/20, the employees worked on projects that could not be more different at first glance. Be it a high-bay warehouse to store goods with lengths of up to 31 meters and weighing up to 13.5 tons in controlled climatic conditions or the first ever fully automatic storage system for 150 boats. However, all those projects have one thing in common: Solutions from LTW are always custom-tailored and adapted specifically to customer requirements.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the completion of several projects was postponed to the next business year. Nonetheless, the number of orders is still satisfying and will remain at a good level for the fiscal year 2020/21.

LTW combines high-performance hardware and sophisticated software to create an intelligent system that transports goods efficiently and dead on target. The key are forward-looking planning and high-quality intralogistics components produced in-house and based on ropeway standards.
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Because we are only successful as a team.

Technology fascinates. It lights up children‘s eyes and amazes grown-ups again and again. It is the same for our more than 3,400 employees. They are amazed and contribute their fascination and passion to the planning, design and construction of our products every day. It often seems like
there are no limits; no tower is too high, no schedule too tight, and no customer wish too unusual. Our employees find the best solution for every project.

In 2020, we are facing a special challenge. In a time influenced by working from home, web conferences and new working time models, our employees prove their flexibility and often surpass themselves to ensure that the projects of our customers make progress. We support them remotely, if a visit on site is not possible. We pull out all the stops so that service orders and assembly deployments can be performed while observing all regulations, that spare parts orders can be delivered rapidly, high-bay warehouses can go into service, and ropeway installations can be completed.

Ropeways make the mountains of the world accessible for everyone. They make urban mobility easier and increase the quality of life in cities. Our employees are the key to our company‘s success. Their enthusiasm carries over to our customers and everyone travelling in our ropeways.
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Doppelmayr Holding SE

Because it is with joint forces that we achieve great things.

Doppelmayr Holding SE
Doppelmayr Holding SE is the corporate level that unites all companies of the Doppelmayr Group. It notably represents quality, technology and market leadership in the construction of ropeways for passenger and material transport as well as hightech intralogistics solutions.n.

This gives the company a high degree of know-how and problem-solving expertise for manifold transport requirements. The Group has created different areas of expertise that provide the customers with a no-worries package.

The company looks back on 130 years of corporate history and a century of experience in the planning, development, design, production, and construction of ropeways. This proven technology and the reliability achieved with it have made ropeways a popular and high-performance means of transport, in skiing and recreation regions and, to an increasing extent, also in cities. Modern carriers such as cabins and chairs offer comfort for passengers and delight over and over with new features in terms of design and safety.

The Customer Support that is interlinked on a global level provide advice and assistance on short notice. For the professional operation and maintenance of ropeway installations, our team includes experts who assist the customers in the training and formation of their own teams for these areas. In matters of material and freight transport, we can provide an efficient material flow with our high-performance systems for bulk material and unit loads as well as our fully automatic intralogistics solutions. This brings unlimited possibilities for a custom-tailored product.
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The financial year 2019/20 in figures

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  • 872

    million euros total sales revenues

  • 3,403


  • 143


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